Pear Builds Positive Relationships with Homeless and Transitional Youth

The Team

  • Beth Burns

    Beth Burns

    Beth Burns grew up in Chicago, surrounded by the realities of the unbalanced distribution of wealth in society. With a passion for people and a drive to understand these economic realities, Beth traveled the world, from the streets of Chicago to the rural villages of Guatemala. She earned her degree in English Literature and her teaching license. Later, working at Sisters Of The Road Café in Portland, Beth began learning about relationship-based services and the amazing gifts that allow homeless people to keep surviving.

  • Pippa Arend

    Pippa Arend

    Pippa is from Portland, OR and has a B.A. in Art History and Design from Marlboro College in Vermont. She founded a small metal shop, Tornado Creations, in which she designed, fabricated and installed custom metal furniture. In 2002, she co-founded p:ear and currently serves as Development Director, maintaining mentoring relationships with young people and organizing many of p:ear’s fundraising events.

  • Joy Cartier

    Joy Cartier

    Joy has seven years experience with the Greenhouse Alternative Learning Center. Prior to her employment there, Joy had many years’ experience as a community organizer and volunteer here in Portland and in San Francisco.  In Portland, Joy has volunteered with Fish emergency services and The Salvation Army. In addition to volunteering, Joy honed her business skills by founding and running two small businesses, which she sold at a profit. She also usually doesn’t refer to herself in the third person.

  • Stephanie Chase

    Stephanie Chase

    Over the course of her life, p:ear’s development & community relations manager Stephanie Chase has been a book store clerk, a food demonstrator, a fit model, a volunteer rodeo clown, an English teacher, and the winner of trivia bingo at some bar in Eugene, Oregon. At various times she’s spoken Arabic, played the viola, burned toast and pretended to understand modern art.

    Having lived in Portland since finishing up her Master’s Degree at Portland State, Stephanie regularly rides and races her bike (though not with great speed), enjoys picking berries (especially during bike rides) and cooking and eating (especially after bike rides).

  • Nathan Engkjer

    Nathan Engkjer

    A graduate of Whitworth University in 1997, Nathan started a sea kayaking company in British Columbia Canada in late 1999, using his passion for the outdoors and love of nature to create an experience for individuals outside of the daily bricks and mortar grind.  Over the next 6 years he developed his business acumen, development and interpersonal skills creating a strong small business grossing 120k annually.  In the fall of 2005 he sold his company and the following spring took a management position with Recreation Equipment Inc. at the Seattle Flagship store where he managed both the retail and operation divisions of the store.  In 2009 Nathan looked to take his passion for people and the outdoors in another direction.  Since 2010, he has been working as a counselor and outdoor guide for Santiam Crossing and its parent company Catherine Freer.  Mentoring youth, providing positive experiences and creating a space for positive change and growth has been the driving force for Nathan’s motivation.
  • William Kendall

    William Kendall

    Born in London, England William started working and volunteering with at-risk youth populations in San Francisco in the early nineties.  When not creating art or music William can be found volunteering with “The Boys and Girls Club” of Portland and “Loaves and Fishes” while also starting volunteer programs for musicians like the “Artist Mentorship Program”.   With a history of small business development and event planning, William aspires to build meaningful relationships through his passion for art and music while also finding time for family, skateboarding, bike rides and tennis.  Having lived in Portland since 2000, William is also newly referring to himself in the third person.

  • Sarah Louise Allen

    Sarah Louise Allen

    Sarah Louise has lived all over the place, but has taken her largest leaps across the country to benefit her education.  Midwestern born, she began her masters study of writing at Sarah Lawrence College a few months after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  While chipping away at her thesis, she staffed the outdoor reading room behind the New York Public Library and enjoyed discussing books with its unique, socioeconomically diverse clientele.  She has worked at the intersection of education and social work since then, with a focus on homeless youth advocacy.  Her photos and essays have appeared in Rolling Stone, $pread Magazine, and various literary journals.

  • John Phillips

    John Phillips

    John was born in Fairfax County, Virginia on a cold February night in 1980.  He spent his formative years in Nashville, TN and later attended the University of Tennessee, earning a bachelor degree in Economics and Psychology.  While attending university, John began working with youth through the YMCA and discovered a true passion for mentoring young folks.  Over the next 13 years, John has worked with youth ages 6 months to 25 years.  He is an educator, advocate, mentor and all-around great human being.  John relocated to Portland in 2008 and has embraced the Northwest culture.  He enjoys running, hiking, and watching sports (Trailblazers, Red Sox, Vols and Titans). John does not understand the third person.

  • Glynnis Pierce

    Glynnis Pierce