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All new p:ear core gifts doubled in February!

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

I was. I am. I will become

Every day youth walk through p:ear’s doors, their past full of anxiety and pain. Our first step is to help them be warm, be fed and be safe. Then we help them see what they’ll become.

p:ear’s mentoring programs help youth develop the perspectives they need to change their lives.

Not everyone has the time to mentor a p:ear youth. But you can by part of the change in a p:ear youth’s life by joining p:ear core, p:ear’s monthly giving club.

A generous gift from the Esco Foundation will double all new p:ear core gifts this February. Join now and increase your impact plus enjoy all the other sweet perks of being in p:ear core including a discounts to p:ear blossoms 2015 and at the p:ear gallery!