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Community Partner: Darcelle XV

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

Darcelle XV, who has been in our neighborhood on 3rd Ave for 49 years, recently hosted a Sunday Brunch Benefit at her home which raised more than $900 for both p:ear and Project Lemonade. “Nothing is more important than supporting our young children who are no longer welcome in their home because of their sexual choices,” she said emphatically. p:ear works with homeless youth, many of whom have minority gender identities, and who struggle with feelings of depression and isolation. “When I was a kid, we didn’t have these programs. We didn’t have anyone to take our hand and tell us it will be OK. I was lucky enough to find my way, my community.”

At p:ear, we work hard to make sure that each young person is given eye-contact, is given nutritious food, warmth, and a person to talk to. From that foundation, we offer custom mentoring workshops, teaching educational, artistic and recreational skills, as well as small class job training programs.

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“I’m grateful and humbled to have such a great community in our neighborhood… Portland used to be a village that wanted to be a city, and now we’re a city that is looking to act like a village,” Darcelle continued. We are grateful to have her in our community, too, and look forward to the next 49 years!