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In the Kitchen at p:ear

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

One of our outstanding cooks, Sabra Grace, who spends Saturdays getting delicious food ready for p:ear youth describes her experience. We couldn’t do what we do at p:ear without the support of volunteers like Sabra!

Honestly, I get as much, if not more out of this than the youth and volunteers who eat the meal that I make. I really enjoy cooking, and having carte blanche in p:ear’s kitchen to make healthy, inexpensive, delicious meals while pretending that I’m a contestant on Iron Chef is so much fun for me! I wouldn’t want to spend a Saturday any other way. I’ve wanted to volunteer and give back to p:ear since my first day as a student. Thank you for all that all of you do. The p:ear ladies inspire me everyday, and I can never find adequate words to articulate how much I appreciate you and all that you do. With warm sincerity and admiration, Sabra