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Keeping things cooking in the p:ear kitchen

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

Time flies these days… trying to keep many mouths fed.  The good news- thankfully food is in the plenty!  Always appreciate donations from Urban Gleaners, Carmen Ranch beef, Bob’s Red Mill, B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery, Spella Caffe, Nossa Familia Coffee, New Seasons Market, Eisenhower bagels, Marsee Baking and the daily contributions of GP Kitchen, who opened a new store in the Pearl!

Coming around the corner are donations from Saint Cupcake — who doesn’t love eating beautiful cupcakes?
The harder news: we lost a few restaurants for various reasons and hoping to bring on a few more for the year.  I am open for any recommendations of restaurants who could donate lunch once a month. Email if you have any places that would be able to provide lunch for 50+ youth once a month.
Lastly, a huge THANK YOU for the countless hours to all the volunteers who have donated their valuable time, energy, and kindness to either cooking brilliant food or the less romantic, cleaning the never ending dishes.
the p:ear kitchen