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Rec program explores Smith Rock

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

From rec coordinator Nathan:

What a phenomenal season to be outside. In a time when nature is starting to wrap things up for the winter, p:ear’s wilderness rec program is just ramping up.

p:ear’s end of summer climbing trip to Smith Rock was a huge success. Four youth spent 2 nights and 3 days out in the high desert of central Oregon. We had tremendous weather for our time out there. We climbed numerous routes, each posing various and quite different challenges to everyone. It was a beautiful thing to see these kids find the determination and patience to get up on these vertical faces and problem solve their way up the rock.
In addition to all the climbing, we hiked to the top of Misery Ridge for some particularly exhilerating 360 degree views of the area and Crooked River winding its way around these monolithic rocks. Youth helped to prepare meals and shared in the dishes at the end of every meal. The group dynamics couldn’t have been better. It was a great way to end the summer climbing season.
The week following our climbing trip we spent an overcast and slightly rainy afternoon in the Columbia Gorge hiking up to Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls, Triple Falls and a failed attempt to reach the natural arch overlong the area. As the rain started to fall this offshoot of a trail to the arch was too steep and slippery for us to check out. It was a great loop hike for everyone.
Last week we spent a beautiful afternoon climbing at Broughton Bluff in Lewis and Clark State park. With the leaves falling to the backdrop of a crisp and clear blue sky, youth climbed a number of routes, which once on top gave stunning views of the Sandy River and forest below.
To bookend our weekly outings cyclocross has begun! We’ve been racing every weekend at a number of different venues throughout Oregon and Washington. Much of this is coming to a close as there are only a few races left. I would love for you all to come and support these kids race this next month when the course is close in at PIR, November 15th. Please connect with Nathan and he can provide the details.
Last, but not least p:ear will be building a currach with youth in the new year. This is a very exciting project that we’re collaborating on with Steve Carrigg. He is a local boat builder that has built numerous boats over the years, specializing in traditional Irish currachs. What makes these boats unique is that kids will have their hands on every piece of this from start to finish. They will be harvesting the majority of the wood themselves and working with Steve after the wood had cured to assemble this very unique boat. The end result…an gorgeous boat which will be part of our p:ear blossom auction this spring.