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Son et Lumière art project 2016

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

Premiering at “Remove your mask and throw it into the sea” at First Thursday on February 2nd, Son et Lumière translates from French to English as “sound and light”. This installation employs this theme within two pyramid structures which house florescent lighting and an interactive cymatics system. The structures function in opposing styles with the purpose of creating contrasting experiences that emulate hot and cold environments. Florescent lighting is used as homage to Dan Flavin, who sought to create simple yet approachable installations through the strategic placement of colored fluorescent bulbs. Salvaged wood is the source material for the outer planks, drawing a parallel to the Cedar plank houses of the indigenous people of the Coastal Pacific Northwest. These planks were measured and cut by p:ear students and assembled with the guidance of  Evan Minogue at Minogue Works, Sander Lindeke, and the volunteers and Art Program Coordiantor of p:ear.

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Son et Lumière invites you to experience the environmental elements and consider a few points in reflection of the installation and its significance:

·         How does the light and sound affect your physical state in each of the structures?

·         How do the environmental elements affect your emotions?

·         Does one structure feel more comfortable than the other? Why?

·         How does your reaction to these environmental elements relate to everyday life?