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What’s cooking in the p:ear kitchen

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

From Kitchen Coordinator Lindsey Kennedy:

As our daily numbers increase to feeding 55+ youth, our food output increases accordingly. We continue to lean on Urban Gleaners and appreciate their mission of “reducing waste and want.”  Keeping in line with our goal to offering healthy, local food we were given a share of Carmen Ranch CSA (the weekly food box) from Reverb and Fruition.  Reverb is a non-profit that helps ‘green’ concert tours and Fruition (a Portland band) won a contest, put on by Reverb.  Fruition chose p:ear as an organization to support and as a result we received $2,500 donation for a CSA, 300 Britta water bottles, then the awesome Fruition band members helped clean our space and put on a free concert!  We are so thankful for the generosity that receive from our community!

We really are feeling the support from our community, especially after Bob’s Red Mill offered 400 lbs a month of their great products to p:ear helping us offer the best food possible to the youth who receive the least, but need it the most.  As our kitchen program grows, we continue to educate interested youth in the art of cooking and the importance of healthy nutrition.  And of course we are grateful for all the hours our volunteers put in on a daily basis and truly believe they are the backbone of p:ear!