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Who’s your hero?

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

September kicks off something of a “new year” for kids across the city as they head back to school and “normal” structured life. For many youth and young adults, school is a place for learning, mentorship, and supported, personal growth. Think back to your own youth—was there a teacher, tutor, administrator—a mentor— who inspired you? Who believed in and helped you see your own potential? Who offered an open ear and heart when you needed it most?

The mentors who’ve helped guide our lives are the simplest of heroes, living by example, offering up superhuman strength in the darkest and most joyful moments. Everyone deserves a hero like that.

Every day at p:ear, youth spend time with mentors, drinking coffee together, talking about life, making art and building relationships that are both grounding and inspirational.

Not everyone has the time to mentor a p:ear youth. But you can ensure p:ear youth have the access to these every day heroes by joining p:ear core, p:ear’s monthly giving club. For as little as $10 a month, your gift supports the “p:earing” of youth with mentors. Be a hero. Join p:ear core.