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What will you win at Harvest Nights?

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

DIY: Beer and Pie for Two!

What are you and your partner or bff doing for Valentine’s Day? Joining an intimate group to craft your own DIY Beer and Pie with local brewer John Smith and his wife, Bake-Master Debbie, and then enjoying a fabulous dinner with them at their house with beer to go? We thought so!

For the love of beer; for the love of pie; for the love of p:ear, bid this one up to make an incredible night to remember!

John Smith is a local brewmaster with VoomaGo an experiential travel company known for their uniquely crafted events. You’ll enjoy his beer-craft and style, as you select your seasonal ingredients* and create your custom beer and pie!

Don’t miss the chance to win this package at Harvest Nights! Tickets available now.

Donors: VoomaGo

Note: Want other friends to come? There’s room – just ask! Additional fees will apply for added people.

*if an IPA-style beer is desired, confirm with donor by Jan 1, 2016.


Mopheus ‘Dusk’ Pendant Knife

The Morpheus is the world’s first luxury pendant knife, created to be worn on the neck or carried in the pocket. The ‘Dusk’ is a bold bronze pendant finely cast with timeless skull symbols, featuring a hidden state-of-the-art blade made from ‘Intrepid’ Damascus Steel, hand-forged by master forger Chad Nichols from hundreds of layers of different steel alloys and folded into unique tapestries reminiscent of waves and flowing water.
A smoky quartz gemstone conceals William Henry’s button lock ensuring that the blade is securely locked both open and closed, for safe wear and carry.

Each Morpheus comes on a tactical cord with a sterling, quick release clasp, for necklace, keychain or pocket!

Don’t miss the chance to win this package at Harvest Nights! Tickets available now.

Donor: William Henry

william henry knife thing


Chauffeured OWEN ROE Wine-Stravaganza For Six

You and five lucky friends will travel in style in the p:ear van, driven by your friendly p:ear board member and guide to Owen Roe’s gorgeous estate for a deluxe lunch and wine pairing / tasting experience with the charismatic Garret Plocher. He’ll share the stories and history behind this innovative winery.

Note: Date to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor:  Owen Roe

Owen Roe


Salt and Straw Ice Cream Making Party for 10

Don’t wait in line! Have your own private Salt and Straw party for you and nine of your friends.

Donor: Salt and Straw

salt and straw