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Without p:ear, I…

Pear - Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth

“… I know this is supposed to be sheet on all the live changing effect p:ear has on homeless youth. But as all homeless youth know, life on the bottom, looking for a way up, it isn’t about life altering services. It’s about paperwork and availability, and mood, dedication, will power. The want to succeed. The one obstacle you can’t overcome through is time. No matter what you do, it will still be months before everything comes together. p:ear is a great place to spend that time. p:ear has more art supplies than an art shop, the staff is super friendly. The food is actually edible… the only place in town. The homeless youth are no longer searching for life altering services and situations. We simply don’t believe in them anymore. So instead we look inside… deep inside… spend a few months coming to understand. And places like NAFY, Outside In and p:ear are always there. Providing the support and confidence we need. Where would I be without p:ear? In a place much less supportive and creative.”